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Test Kit Siklamat

Nama Produk: Test Kit Siklamat
Merk: Easy Test
Penggunaan sakarin dan siklamat sebagai zat pemanis makanan dari beberapa penelitian ternyata dapat menimbulkan karsinogen. Dari hasil uji coba menunjukkan bahwa meningkatnya tumor kandung kemih pada tikus melibatkan pemberian dosis kombinasi sakarin dan siklamat dengan perbandingan 1: 9.
Harga: Rp.400.000,- (belum termasuk ongkos kirim)
Gambar Produk:
Test Kit Siklamat adalah test kit untuk pengujian cepat keberadaan pemanis buatan berbahaya SIKLAMAT pada produk makanan atau minuman (screening test). Test kit ini didesain untuk 50 kali pemakaian analisis. Harga yang dibandrol untuk test kit ini hanya Rp.400.000,- (belum termasuk ongkos kirim) (PROSEDUR PENGUJIAN DAPAT DILIHAT DI GAMBAR DI BAWAH INI).
Test kit didesain untuk 50 kali penggunaan analisis. Harga yang dipatok untuk test kit ini adalah 400.000,- Harga Rp.400.000,- belum termasuk ongkos kirim. Ongkos kirim ke wilayah jawa sekitar 50.000,- dan luar jawa 100.000,-

Informasi dan Pemesanan:
Email ke easy4test@yahoo.com / easy4test@gmail.com atau hubungi 085310135381 / 085779721597

Product Detail

Cyclamate - Cyclamate is a synthetic artificial sweetener that is 30 to 50 times sweeter than sugar -- the least sweet of all artificial sweeteners. Cyclamate does leave an aftertaste, although less so than other artificial sweeteners such as saccharin. Cyclamate is stable under heating and is commonly used in baked goods where other artificial sweeteners cannot be used. Cyclamate is also combined with other sweeteners, particularly saccharin, to improve palatability.

Regulatory Status - Because of concern over potential side effects, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration banned the use of cyclamate in foods in 1969. Another petition of approval for cyclamate is currently pending with the FDA, although is not being actively considered. Cyclamate does not occur naturally, and foods that contain cyclamate are considered to be in violation of the FDA\'s tampering and alteration policy.

Cancer Risk - Early studies in the 1970s linked the use of artificial sweeteners containing a mix of cyclamate and saccharin to an increased risk of bladder cancer in lab animals. Other early studies showed that bacteria in the intestines may convert cyclamate to cyclohexamine, a carcinogen. However, follow-up studies and use abroad has suggested that there is no evidence that cyclamate causes cancer or increases the risk of another substance causing cancer. Further research has demonstrated that cyclamate does not pose an increased risk of bladder cancer in humans, and that the mechanism appears to be distinct to rodents.

Other Risks - A study published in \"Toxicological Sciences,\" found that cyclamate contributed to testicular atrophy and interrupted the maturation of sperm in a subset of monkeys fed cyclamate over a long period of time. However, the results were sporadic and do not demonstrate conclusive evidence of cyclamate\'s toxicity. Additionally, the levels fed to monkeys were 20 to 100 times higher than the acceptable daily intake of other artificial sweeteners.

We are provides a Cyclamate (Indonesian: Siklamat) Test Kit to detect the Cyclamate (Siklamat) substance content in food or beverage products. Our Test Kit detection can reach trace levels. We provide analysis to international standards, and develop appropriate analytical testing methods, depending upon the sample matrix and detection levels required.

With our product you will get:
- Detects Cyclamate on Fish, Fruit, Cheese and other Meats Instantly
- Detects as low as Five Parts Per Million
- Qualitative, Visual Analysis
- Selective Response
- Long Shelf-Life

ONLY Rp.400.000,00 for 50 times test

More info and order contact please call us at +6285310135381 or +6285779721597 or email at easy4test@gmail.com or easy4test@yahoo.com

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