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Test Kit Iodat

Nama Produk: Test Kit Iodat (Untuk 100 kali pemakaian)
Merk: Easy Test
Content: 1 botol Reagent A, 1 botol Reagent B, 1 botol Reagent C, 1 lembar petunjuk pemakaian
Harga: Rp.400.000,- (belum termasuk ongkos kirim)
Gambar Produk:
Cara Penggunaan:
Informasi dan Pemesanan:
Email ke easy4test@yahoo.com / easy4test@gmail.com atau hubungi 085310135381 / 085779721597

Detail Info About Iodates in Food

Calcium iodate is mostly used as a dough conditioner or dough strengthener. It is an approved ingredient in the manufacture of bread. It is used to improve the texture, appearance, and shelf life of breads and pastries. It is also considered a flour treatment agent. It is also used to iodize salt.

Other Use and Industries - Calcium iodate is used in pharmaceuticals as a disinfectant, antiseptic, and deodorant. It is added to animal feed to correct iodine deficiency.

Health Effects - There are no known health or toxicity issues of this food additive when used at the recommended level.
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